Participant Stories

Dorothy J Boler

Boler, MS

My life story has been one of changing and chasing dreams.  Growing up, my ambitions were simple but the expectations from my family and teachers were high.  In junior high, I wanted to become a typist or secretary.  In high school, I wanted to become a child psychologist.  When I entered college, I decided to major in elementary education and minor in psychology.  In my senior year of college, I went to a job fair on campus and talked with a representative from IBM.  Never in my wildest dreams had I ever considered working in corporate America.  On that day, however, I accepted an offer to work with IBM.  My career has since been a long story of naivety, growing up, challenges, opportunities, growth, travel, promotions, missed opportunities, learning, learning and more learning.  In the decades since that fateful job fair, I experienced the whole gamut of the ups and downs of the corporate world.  And, what a different world it was from the one I grew up in.  My world growing up was small, simple, comfortable, and segregated. My world today is far more complicated; I’m surrounded by people from different economic, racial, and educational backgrounds.  Years after leaving school, I still seem to learn something new every day.  I am constantly reminded of how little we actually know and how much more there is to experience and gain goodness from.

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