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Project Talent Participants in the Spotlight!

Earlier this year, the Society on Aging held its annual Aging in America conference. Researchers, academics, and clinicians from across the country descended on chilly Chicago for the event. Also in attendance was a diverse group of Project Talent participants who stole the show as panelists at a well-attended symposium on Project Talent.

The Project Talent team often shares its work at conferences around the country–but this time we wanted to shift the focus from data and research and show conference attendees the heart of Project Talent–and what makes the study so special.

Front row: Merradyth McCallister; Carolyn Weiss; Rosalyn Barclay; Danielle Battle.
Back row: Alison Huang; Kelly Peters; Sarah Bracey White; George Knox; Quita Keller; Deanna Lyter Achorn; Jack McCallister.

The group of participants was comprised of Carolyn Weiss and Rosalyn Barclay, two members of a set of triplets from Michigan; Jack McCallister, a Vietnam veteran, advocate for veteran care, and father of ten from Oklahoma; Sarah Bracey White, a writer and educator who grew up in the segregated South; and George Knox, a Vietnam veteran and lawyer from Florida.

What ensued was a riveting discussion between the participants about growing up in diverse circumstances in late 50s and early 60s America. For 90 minutes, the audience was captivated by their reflections on coming of age in late 50s and early 60s America and the differences and similarities in their experiences. With empathy, curiosity, and good humor, the panelists engaged with thorny subjects including race, gender, economic opportunity, and military service.

The panel served as a reminder that Project Talent is the story of a remarkable generation that has witnessed, and contributed to, remarkable upheavals in American society over the past fifty years. We hope to continue hosting events of this kind and to facilitate honest, complex conversations in a warm and positive setting.

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By Sabine Horner
Project Talent Team
November 28, 2017

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