Participant Stories

Richard h

Dallas, TX

I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, Texas in 1960. The teachers in my senior year had to be saints. They had dreaded having me in their classes because of my reputation as a class comedian and a general goof off. My parents didn’t give me much of a chance at success (although I am pretty sure they loved me enough to NOT throw me out with the daily trash). I was an average student, barely got by but did not have what it took to read, comprehend, relate like so many of my “normal” classmates.

For the last 50 years I seem to have survived pretty well, although not as my parents and school principal had expected. My dad was a professional in business and my mom was a concert pianist. They were both avid readers. All of my cousins were over achievers and have fared well financially; I had to work for a living. I went to the University of Texas in 1960 and 1961 as my family wished (insisted) to take pre-med courses. I was not prepared for college. I dropped out and barely avoided the draft by getting married at the age of 23 and became a Dallas Police Officer, Grand Prairie Police Officer and during that time started a family and took criminal justice courses to attain a “master policeman” status (more money). After 14 very gratifying years in law enforcement I left Texas and moved to Rochester, NY to become an Executive Security Director for a very large corporation. In 1973 I did the unmentionable ... I ran for a political office in my home town and became a Local Criminal Court Magistrate and went to The University of Buffalo at Amherst NY for certification and was once again in Law Enforcement. In 1977 I felt the need for a little more money to secure a retirement future so I worked for FedEx and retired from everything at the age of 55 with some pretty good benefits and pensions. My wife of 47 years worked for the United States Postal Service for 25 years and retired in 2002 with some good benefits.

In 2006 I started my own (retirement) photography business, live in the woods with my wife, dogs and horses ... feel like I beat the odds that were given to me to become a “hood”, a “drunk”, a “miserable failure”, and end up in jail!

I am very interested to see my Project Talent scores to understand what might have been projected as a future success for a middle of the road problem child with some learning disabilities. It wasn’t until many years later the medical profession discovered dyslexia as a probable cause for poor reading comprehension, and I was apparently born with some level of dyslexia. Reading books of interest was much easier for me especially law and police policy. I would really be interested to know more about the success percentages of the class of 1960. We all lived in a great time in a great country and were given great opportunities to create a wonderful society of caring people, heroes, and morally fit families.

Project Talent Statistics should be most interesting. THANK YOU for coming back to life!

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