Participant Stories

Judy P.


I was proud to attend Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was awarded the Bellamy Award while I was there.  I most remember my Chemistry and Physics classes.  My Chemistry teacher very good ( I tested out of the first semester of Chemistry in college) and my physics class was an experimental MIT program with wonderful wave equipment and interesting experiments.  I loved my first Biology class in college and ended up majoring in Biology and Chemistry. With the help of a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, I went on to obtain a M.S. with a major in Biochemistry/minor in Organic Chemistry.  I worked for 39 years for a Pharmaceutical company as a synthetic chemist and then as a chemistry/patent information specialist.  I have been retired for five years, but work independently as a patent research consultant and spend a lot time with my grandchildren. I do not remember much about participating in Project Talent, but having just reviewed my test results, I can see that that I did follow and develop my talents.

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