Participant Stories

Care T.


There have been several questions I have asked myself, but one that has been a continuous thread throughout my life has been, “What about Project Talent?”  I have always been curious about my progress and what was discovered about me “way back then” and the predictions of where I might be in the future.

Being raised in San Francisco and attending Mercy High School, I had the opportunity to participate in the Project.  As Student Body President, I also had the pleasure of personally meeting the Regional Director of the Project, Dr. Frederick MacDonald of Stanford University, and exchanging a few words with him regarding its importance.  Excited, I welcomed the participation and when completing each series, I remember leaving every day thinking that someone in academia, somewhere, actually cared about who I was and what I had to offer.  That was a good feeling!!!  Far too often, we were required to take academic tests and I never did think that the examination tested my knowledge of the subject!

Throughout the years, a series of questionnaires were completed tracking my progress.  It was always a reflective time for me!  Several years went by without receiving any word from the Project, so I investigated on the internet.  When I discovered that a representative would be at our high school class reunion, I was thrilled!  Finally, I would be able to get some feedback!  I did and was thankful for the response received!

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