Participant Stories

Dorothy J Boler

Boler, MS

"My life story has been one of changing and chasing dreams. Growing up, my ambitions were simple but the expectations from my family and teachers were high."

Care T.


There have been several questions I have asked myself, but one that has been a continuous thread throughout my life has been, “What about Project Talent?”

Diane S.


"Somerville, MA in the 1940's and 1950's was a unique place in which to grow up. A populous city of over 100,000, a short bus and train ride into Boston. The commercial courses at Somerville High trained me well for a secretarial position after school."

Lou N.


"I guess I should call the results of my Project Talent survey IRONIC. Results showed some disappointing scores in English grammar and usage. What's my career choice? English teacher, of course."

Judy P.


"I was proud to attend Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was awarded the Bellamy Award while I was there. I most remember my Chemistry and Physics classes."

Richard h

Dallas, TX

"I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, Texas in 1960. The teachers in my senior year had to be saints. They had dreaded having me in their classes because of my reputation as a class comedian and a general goof off."

Dr. Sarah Ann Reagan

Hazlehurst, MS

"As a teenager in rural Mississippi, my friends and family were the center of my universe. I loved nothing more than hanging out and driving around our small town. When I was in school, I spent more of my time day-dreaming than learning."

John C Perrine

Moravia, NY

"The path – or even the destination – that we each take in life is not always clear at the outset. Since I was young, I felt that I had the potential, the drive, and the work ethic required to be successful."

Phillip Allon Guilliams

Coshocton, OH

"I spent my childhood on a small farm in rural eastern Ohio. Since age 5, following the death of my mother, I was raised with a foster family. Growing up, I was really enthralled by the world of astronomy, science fiction, and the budding space program."

Albert Brigham Futrell

Almo, KY

"I remember taking the Project Talent tests in the high school gym over several days. According to my test scores, I did well in math and science. I was encouraged to study these subjects and consider a career in these areas."

John M.


"When I left Somerville High I went to Tufts and joined the Navy Reserve Officers Training Course and planned on a career. I left the navy after 9 years."

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